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The MV Achievement is the latest dedicated adventure vessel to sail Australia’s Kimberley coast.  Achievement charters operate a 64 ft Global marine vessel that has been purpose-built for day and liveaboard fishing and exploring charters. Our boat is large and spacious, offering lots of covered deck space, and come stocked with all the modern amenities. Onboard, you will find a motivated crew who want you to share their love of the Kimberley. You’ll be very comfortable and well taken care of by our crew who have solid experience running trips throughout the archipelago.  MV Achievement is supported by two custom-built 16 ft fishing tenders and a third smaller center-console lightweight dinghy. The duel tenders allow us to travel and service multiple fishing spots from the same anchorage. This guarantees that you get the maximum fishing and marveling time with flexibility at each location. We usually travel during the evenings and very early mornings, so no time is wasted. Usually, you awake as we are pulling up at the next marvel. We will always use safe anchorages at night and continuously monitor weather conditions via marine radio, specialized weather forecast apps and other marine captains.  Take the time to check out our vessel Mv Achievement. Over the years, skipper Harley Cuzens has explored and fished the Kimberley coast, including the Buccaneer Archipelago, Scotts Reef and the Rowley Shoals. He’s seen it all, and he’s kept detailed fish maps of his trips along the way. He’s also managed to maintain several secret spots over the years, and our guests are the only people we share them with. Our aim is to provide our guest with the adventure of their lives. For those interested in fishing we want you to catch some stonker fish, including Kimberley wild barramundi. Marvel at the panorama of rugged mountains, spectacular gorges and majestic waterfalls.  With only a 3-metre draft, Achievement safely navigates the region’s many shallow river systems and provides our guests with intimate access to the region’s iconic natural features. Our Boat trips cover all nooks of the Kimberly coast, and we also offer custom trips that travel out to the Rowley Shoals and Scott’s reef and the hundred of islands that make up the Archipelago. Our experience and willingness to hunt around every creek, every headland, means that often there is a new hook up or marvel awaiting. There are still many places to fish and marvel alone if you have the knowledge, ambition to explore.  We have taken this knowledge and hard work and built it into our boat, our shore and deck crew, our booking platform and our service. But there are a few other things that set us apart from charter operators as well.
- We are an adventure tourism vessel not a floating hotel. You will experience all of the workings of a marine vessel and learn how we navigate, catch fish and explore in the tenders.
- We want to see you stoked, ice beer or champagne in hand around our U-bar, laughing at each other’s exploits marvelling at the Indian ocean sunset.
- We take a maximum of 8 passengers with 3 crew so we have intimate knowledge of your needs and wants.
- We are very flexible.
- Our shallow draft allows us get into lots of creeks that the big boats can’t get to.

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