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With a passion for the seas, our qualified and experienced crew share with you the very best of Western Australia. Our skippers have over 20 years experience with extensive Kimberley coast knowledge, including tides, fishing skills, aboriginal art and all the iconic destinations.

Our 3 crew consist of:

  • Master/fishing guide

  • Deckhand/fishing guide

  • Cook/deckhand

We believe everyone should have the chance to experience the wonders of the Kimberley first hand. That is why we are bringing value for money cruising to Broome. We operate a luxurious vessel equipped with all the latest electronic technology including a gyro stabiliser.


The vessel has a large U-bar where the beers are chilled and the champagne flowing. The MV Achievement is safe and fully equipped. The beds are comfortable. The fridges are stocked. The food is freshly prepared. Our crew is experienced and we don’t overcrowd. What more is needed?


We feel the unique landscape and beauty of the Kimberley is the drawcard. You’ll get to experience these wonders for a fraction of the cost.  We’ll still take you to the same awesome locations, just like on those more expensive cruises. And you’ll still have a memorable bucket list experience.

Give us a go … you won’t be disappointed.

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