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What are the 'Rowley Shoals'?

The Rowley Shoals are a group of three coral reefs, located about 260km west of Broome. The Rowley Shoals are located on the edge of one of the widest continental shelves in the world. The most northeastern one of the reefs is Mermaid Reef. 23km southwest of Mermaid Reef is Clerke Reef and 35km southwest of Clerke Reef is Imperieuse Reef. 

Mermaid Reef is listed on Australia's Commonwealth Heritage List and is known for its incredible biodiversity, including the Western Australian sculpin, crystal clear waters and picturesque views. 

The Rowley Shoals is a WA must-do and we'll get you there. 


8 Day Broome to Rowley Shoals Experience

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Master Cabin (Sleeps 2)
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Quad Cabin (Sleeps 4)
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Passage Twin (Sleeps 2)

DAY 1 – Arrival and embarkation in Broome

Welcome aboard! Your adventure begins in Broome with a private pick up from your accommodation at a time that is most convenient for you – for most passengers, this tends to be later in the afternoon (just in time for afternoon drinks and canapes, of course!). As you settle into your home for the week, our chefs will be preparing an exquisite fine dining experience for your dinner. You’ll be eating on the main deck outside, allowing you to see the stunning scenery as we make our way towards the Rowley Shoals overnight. After dinner, you’ll have an opportunity to relax, familiarise yourself, settle in and get comfortable; or get the party started!


DAY 2 – Arrival into Mermaid Reef 

Our skipper, Harley, will lead us into Mermaid Reef, the most northeastern of the three reefs at around 9am, allowing you to get more out of WA’s beautiful days. Hopefully you’ve packed your flippers, goggles and snorkelling gear as, near the anchor site, there’s a plethora of varied species of coral and fish. Having an itinerary is important but this is your holiday! We’ll have a chef prepared lunch inside the 60m wide passage and lagoon of Mermaid Reef and the rest of the day is up to you – sleep, tan, swim, fish, drink – the world is your oyster. 


DAY 3 – Clerke Reef

Whilst the water may only be waist deep, ‘The Aquarium’ is populated by more than 600+ species of fish and coral so we hope you’ve brought your underwater camera with you. We’ll be arriving at Clerke Reef in the morning of Day 3, which is about 23km southwest of Mermaid Reef. Its crystal-clear waters and wildlife will blow you away. We’ll spend as long as you would like here, which means we might never leave! Of course, all meals will be included and prepared on board too. 


DAY 4 - Bedwell Islet and departure from Clerke Reef

Towards the northern end of Clerke Reef lies Bedwell Islet. We’ll make a stop here before our chef prepared breakfast, to allow some time for beach combing on the shores, snorkelling and sunbaking. It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, so enjoy a drink on the deck before we depart Clerke Reef later in the evening. 


DAY 5 – Imperieuse Reef

The third and final island that makes up the Rowley Shoals is Imperieuse Reef. Located about 35km southwest of Clerke Reef sees a 16km in length island, comprised of numerous coral boulders and lagoons. We’ll make sure you see every square metre of this beautiful destination, including Cunningham Islet (and the Imperieuse Reef Lighthouse!). Each of the three reefs are individually unique in their own way and eventually everyone has their favourite! We can’t wait to hear what yours is. 


DAY 6 – The Outer Reef

Snorkelling along the Outer Reef is an entirely different snorkelling experience – but we won’t give too much away. We’ll have some visits from manta rays and humpback whales – some of the most majestic creatures in our waters. We’ll make sure your day is relaxing as it is fulfilling and of course, make sure the bar is stocked. 


DAY 7 – Snorkelling, fishing and making our way back to Broome

Day 7 marks our last full day sailing together – we’re going to miss you! Typically, we like to call the last day ‘Rest Day’, as if you haven’t rested enough! You choose what you want to do and where you want to go! The only thing we’ll do is make sure we head back towards Broome in the evening, once your bellies are full, you’ve soaked up enough sun, you’ve caught some fish, gone paddle boarding and are ready for bed. 


DAY 8 – Disembarkation in Broome

Always the worst day of any journey, Day 8 includes our early morning arrival back into Broome and disembarkation at 8am. We’ll arrange transfers for you back to your accommodation or the airport and of course, say our dreaded goodbyes (for now!). 


We look forward to seeing you on board MV Achievement soon.

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