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It all started with a fishing trip, a doctor from Melbourne doing a stint in Aboriginal Health and looking for a life change. Dr Sally Shaw met a Kimberley local, Harley Cuzens, who had skippered most of the boats and been to most of the idyllic locations in the Kimberley, in his long career. 


Throughout that day and the next two years they planned and talked…


The first challenge was getting a boat that was capable of being able to go to the Horizontal Falls and back in a day. 

The waters of the Kimberley are some of the most dangerous in the world because of the giant tides which hide and expose rocks and reefs. 

“Ohana” was built as a cray boat with all the speed and stability we needed. Harley was in love with the engines and safety features, Sally equipped it with alfresco marine furniture, a licenced bar and a BBQ to cook up the famous barramundi.

This amazing day starts early and takes you on a Kimberley cruise like no other. We will cover the same distance as most cruises take 2-3 days to do. We will pass isolated locations like Silica Beach, hidden Isl, Cockatoo Isl, Koolan Isl and the majestic cliffs and gorges of the Kimberley, and the Horizontal Waterfalls.

When we arrive at the Horizontal Waterfalls you have the option to join the fast boat to take you through this exhilarating experience. Our day tour offers you a way of going on a Kimberley Cruise without going for a week. 

We are launching August 22 and taking bookings to Horizontal Falls for the rest of the season.

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